Global Coalition Loyalty Programs

Based on research covering 235 coalition loyalty programs across a wide range of countries worldwide, Global Coalition Loyalty Programs is a report and related CoalitionBASE™ dataset about the growth in the number and membership of coalition loyalty programs that has occurred globally in recent years and the affinity and partnership marketing opportunities that they offer to a huge range of organisations serving consumers as their customers, members or supporters. In particular, the research suggests that as at mid-2015, 2.07 billion consumers were likely to be members of at least one coalition loyalty program, equivalent to around 28.4% of the world’s adult population.

Coalition loyalty programs are potentially attractive partners for consumer-facing organisations for several reasons. These include: that they tend to have a high number of members relative to other affinity groups in any given country; that they are generally growing more quickly than other affinity groups; that their membership is often made up of consumers with specific characteristics (e.g. individuals with above average wealth in the case of hotel group schemes); that they incentivise consumers to buy products or services on a regular basis by awarding them points or miles in return; and that they are normally underpinned by sophisticated technology which facilitates advanced customer relationship management and marketing activity.

The report and CoalitionBASE™ that accompanies it can be used in one or more of the following ways:

  • to gain access to a reliable and detailed source of information that will provide you with comprehensive information about a concept for nurturing consumer loyalty that is experiencing success on a worldwide basis;

  •  to understand which coalition loyalty programs are the largest, which have been established the longest, which are growing most quickly and which have achieved the highest rate of penetration within the adult population of the country or countries in which they are active;

  • to appreciate how programs developing out of the banking, retail and other sectors (such as automotive, energy, entertainment, fuel, insurance and telecoms) are catching up with the frequent flyer and frequent stayer schemes of airlines and hotel groups, respectively;

  • to develop an international strategy for your own organisation to create partnerships with coalition loyalty programs that is fully informed by wide-ranging research on the subject conducted at a global level.

Types of organisation that may be able to use this research include the following:
  • loyalty management companies: owners of coalition loyalty schemes include dedicated loyalty management firms as well as airlines, banks, hotel groups, retailers and other types of organisation - this report is the most comprehensive worldwide review of your market;

  • payment card issuers and networks: Finaccord’s research establishes that at least one co-branded payment card has been developed in association with 168 (over 70%) of the 235 coalition loyalty programs investigated - the share of partnerships of card issuers and brands is detailed in full;

  • banks, insurers and firms offering emerging payment means: coalition loyalty programs also provide a potential gateway to a huge number of consumers for other financial services institutions including both mainstream and niche banks, insurance companies and providers of emerging payment means;

  • other consumer-facing organisations: coalition loyalty programs additionally constitute a compelling affinity marketing opportunity for other international consumer-facing organisations which could include companies from sectors as diverse as car hire, computing, electronics, energy, entertainment, floristry, food service, hospitality, media, travel and telecoms;

  • management consultancies: are you helping a client firm to understand its own strategy with respect to coalition loyalty programs? This study will provide you with rapid global insight into the subject, saving time and effort on researching the subject yourself.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and series prospectus by clicking on the corresponding links to the left-hand side of this page, or e-mail [email protected].

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