Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Finaccord’s CSR policy takes two main forms:

(a) Environmental responsibility

Finaccord conducts its business in a way that minimises its impact on the environment and makes it a low-carbon company. It complies with all relevant environmental legislation and encourages its employees to act in ways that improve the company’s performance in this regard. Specific actions taken by Finaccord to achieve this are as follows:

  • we recycle waste materials, notably paper and toner cartridges;
  • as Finaccord is based in central London, employees travel to work by public transport and / or bicycle; the company actively supports cycling to work and does not have any company cars;
  • staff fly to client meetings and conferences as little as possible, and Finaccord offsets carbon emissions from business flights.

(b) Business responsibility

Finaccord acts ethically towards its customers and suppliers; this includes making payments promptly, especially to temporary researchers.