Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Commercial Non-Life Insurance

Finaccord's report titled Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Commercial Non-Life Insurance is an updated and expanded study of insurance partnerships in place with commercial affinity groups in the UK. It is based on a survey of 1,700 actual and potential partners across 12 categories, namely: automotive manufacturers; banks, building societies and specialised lenders; estate agency and property services; internet media and telecoms entities; lifestyle organisations; online aggregators and brokers; professional associations; sharing economy entities; sports organisations; trade associations; trade unions; and others.

The analysis of partnerships in commercial non-life insurance has been taken to an unprecedented level of depth by splitting out partnerships for five distinct insurance lines: commercial liability; commercial motor; commercial property; commercial specialised (e.g. event, legal protection, trade credit); and professional indemnity.

The PartnerBASE™ database that accompanies the report details more than 1,500 externally-organised affinity schemes for commercial non-life insurance identified by Finaccord, recording the operating models and partners used in each instance. Together, the report and database provide a definitive guide to current and future opportunities in affinity and partnership marketing of commercial non-life insurance in the UK.

Key findings from the executive summary include:
  • 40.5% of all partner organisations in this study have arranged some form of commercial insurance to their members with a maximum rate of provision of 81.4% in the case of commercial liability cover set up by sports organisations;

  • across all organisations, commercial liability is the type of insurance most likely to be offered, with a provision rate of 29.6%, followed by commercial property (23.6%), professional indemnity (18.3%), commercial specialised (15.4%) and commercial motor (12.1%);

  • where commercial affinity schemes are in place, the average is for between two and three of these types of cover to be available;

  • most commercial affinity schemes are organised through a broker with over 250 mentioned in conjunction with at least one initiative when counted on a consolidated group basis - in contrast, where final underwriters were identifiable, over 60 underwriting groups are involved in at least one program.

This report and the PartnerBASE™ that accompanies it can be used in one or more of the following ways:
  • to understand which types of commercial non-life insurance are sold through which types of affinity partner, including which sub-categories of trade associations;

  • to locate opportunities for new partnerships by identifying gaps by product and for specific partners;

  • to identify brokers and underwriters involved in schemes for different types of commercial non-life insurance and to monitor the activity of competitors in this channel;

  • to learn for each of 1,700 partner organisations included in the research what relationships they currently have in place for commercial non-life insurance;

  • to base planning on the most detailed source of published market intelligence about affinity and partnership marketing in commercial non-life insurance that is currently available.

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and report prospectus by clicking on the corresponding links to the left-hand side of this page, or e-mail [email protected]. Also, please view our press release comparing affinity insurance distribution in the UK and US.

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