Global Affinity Finance Club

Affinity and partnership marketing is an important component of distribution strategy for a majority of insurance companies and other financial services institutions who serve consumers and small businesses. Successful affinity and corporate partnerships create an opportunity to access specific groups of customers that can otherwise be difficult to reach.

The Global Affinity Finance Club is Finaccord’s quarterly newsletter about affinity financial services worldwide, covering the main areas of affinity insurance, bancassurance and affinity banking. Tracking key strategic developments in affinity and partnership marketing of financial services worldwide, this service is genuinely global, often including news that is otherwise only available in languages other than English.

Moreover, it provides partner entities with real-life examples illustrating how their peers are involved in distribution of insurance and banking products.

Partner entities can be as diverse as:

• automotive brands
• charities
• energy companies
• internet or media firms
• loyalty management entities
• mobile network operators
• online aggregators and brokers
• professional associations
• retailers
• sports clubs
• trade unions
• travel companies

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