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Retailer Insurance and Assistance in Europe

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Retailer Insurance and Assistance in Europe is a report about the involvement of major retail brands in Europe in the distribution of stand-alone accident, dental, health, household, life, motor, pet, travel and other insurance, plus assistance products, as part of a growing trend in this research, 107 retail brands in Europe promote insurance or assistance products, up from 76 in the previous study issued in 2010.

Indeed, major retail brands are found to be active in this arena in 24 of the 33 countries researched. Namely, these are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and Ukraine, hence chapters for each of these are included in the publication.

In fact, the study provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the Europe-wide market for insurance sold to consumers by supermarkets, department stores and other types of retail chain. Moreover, the product marketing initiatives traced by Finaccord for the lines of consumer insurance investigated, including the operating models and insurance providers used.

You may be able to use this report and the PartnerBASE™ that accompanies it in one or more of the following ways:

- gain rapid access to a unique and comprehensive source of intelligence that provides a Europe-wide perspective on the involvement of major retailers in the insurance and assistance sector;

- understand which of your competitors have been successful in establishing insurance or assistance distribution partnerships with significant retail brands;

- evaluate the opportunities for creating marketing relationships with different types of retail chain for eight distinct lines of consumer insurance plus other insurance and assistance products;

- learn about the wider context behind the diversification into insurance and assistance of major retail brands and identify retailers already active in financial services that are likely to develop insurance propositions in future;

- use the PartnerBASE™ dataset to filter information about retailer insurance and assistance schemes by country, retailer category, product, provider and other criteria.

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Equivalent foreign language titles:
Les Services de l'assurance et de l'assistance proposés par la Grande Distribution et d'Autres Détaillants en Europe 
Der Vertrieb von Versicherungen und Assistance-Produkten durch den Einzelhandel in Europa
Servizi di Assicurazione e Assistenza nei Settori della Grande Distribuzione e Vendita al Dettaglio in Europa
Serviços de Seguro e Assistência dos Setores da Grande Distribuição e Venda Varejista na Europa
Servicios de Seguro y Asistencia de los Sectores de Gran Distribución y Venta al Por Menor en Europa

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