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Global Mobile Operators: Strategies in Payments and Banking

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Global Mobile Operators: Strategies in Payments and Banking is a report and interactive PartnerBASE dataset that provides a detailed worldwide overview of the fast-growing involvement of mobile operator brands and groups across payment and banking services. For 286 brands spread across 92 countries, it outlines their activity and strategic partnerships for the following payment and banking product and service categories:

- payments: payments via linked bank card / account, payments via direct carrier billing, payments via network account, talktime / credit transfer; international payments / remittances;

- banking: mobile banking (bank current accounts); credit cards (non-virtual); prepaid cards (non-virtual); consumer finance / micro-credits.

Across all 286 brands researched, Finaccord identified a total of over 800 distinct product initiatives and partnerships involving close to 400 banking institutions, payment companies and technology firms including well-known organisations such as American Express, Bango, Boku, Citibank, Fortumo, Gemalto, MasterCard, Monitise, UnionPay, Visa and Western Union.

Moreover, within a separate analysis, Finaccord summarises the main strategic moves made in payments and banking by the leading 60 mobile telecoms groups worldwide.

Key findings from the executive summary of this report include the following:

- 44 (or 73.3%) of the 60 major telecoms groups researched by Finaccord had one or more centrally-organised strategic initiatives in mobile payments active and available to consumers at the time of research although some of the others (e.g. Telenor) were involved through more localised initiatives developed by country-specific mobile operator brands;

- across the 286 mobile operator brands investigated, 27 had established a captive entity involved in one or both of mobile payments and mobile banking, while another 29 had formed joint ventures in one or both of these areas;

- 36.0% (103) of the same universe of brands allowed subscribers to pay via a bank card or account linked to a mobile phone, with almost two thirds of these services also offering contactless functionality for these payments;

- at 33.6% (96) just over a third of the mobile operator brands in scope were actively involved in establishing or operating a mobile banking service (as opposed to simply allowing users to download a bank's own app or to access the bank's own website).

For further information about this research, please access the table of contents and report prospectus by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or e-mail .

Equivalent foreign language titles:
Opérateurs Mobiles Mondiaux: Stratégies des Services Bancaires et de Paiement
Globale Mobilfunkanbieter: Strategien in den Bereichen Bezahlung und Banking
Operatori Mondiali di Telefonia Mobile: Strategie dei Servizi di Pagamento e Bancari
Operadores Mundiais de Telefonia Móvel: Estratégias em Pagamentos e Negócio Bancário
Operadores Mundiales de Telefonía Móvil: Estrategias en Pagos y Banca

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