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Our multi-lingual research team is able to undertake ad hoc B2B and B2C market research projects on an international basis. Our unique approach delivers you the required output and interpretation of results which will represent actionable findings for your organisation.

Typical bespoke research assignments might include:

  • competitor intelligence - in spite of consolidation among the giants of international financial services, new, nimbler competitors with focused strategies and cutting-edge technologies are setting up to maintain customer choice: Finaccord is well-placed to keep you abreast of the latest competitive developments;
  • customer intelligence - whether your ultimate customers are consumers or commercial organizations, arriving at a genuine understanding of their current and future needs is key to successful marketing: Finaccord's expertise in research can provide you with this advantage;
  • distributor intelligence - for retail financial services institutions, understanding the attitudes, objectives and viewpoints of their actual or target distribution partners is as important as comprehending the ultimate customer: Finaccord will ask the right questions to deliver the depth of understanding you need.

Should you wish to learn more about our research services please contact us at or +44 20 3178 2556.



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