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Bancassurance in the Asia-Pacific Region: Strategies of the Region's Top 150 Retail Banking Groups

新闻稿: 亚太地区零售银行150强的银行保险研究 (中文版) 

In the Asia-Pacific bancassurance market, MetLife has the most relationships of any type with the 150 of the region's top banking groups but AXA has the most joint ventures, and Allianz and Prudential the most strategic, long-term partnerships (excluding joint ventures) 


Commercial Insurance Broking: A Strategic Review of the World’s Top 150 Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers

Finaccord produces the world's first-ever ranking of the top 150 insurance brokers by revenues earned from commercial lines broking 


Pet Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Pet Insurance in Selected Global Markets

Which types of pet are most popular among consumers in different countries? And are some pets more likely to be insured than others? 


Bancassurance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current State and Future Perspectives to 2020

Strong economic growth, rapid development of the banking and insurance sectors and an increasingly beneficial regulatory environment add up to a positive outlook for bancassurance in sub-Saharan Africa 


Global Retailer Insurance and Assistance

Ever more major retail brands around the world are acting as distributors of insurance and assistance products


Global Retailer Online Payment Acceptance

The rise of online accounts as a payment mechanism looks set to continue worldwide, although PayPal's future dominance is not guaranteed given a wave of new competition


Global Retailer, Payment, Gift and Loyalty Cards

Over a quarter of major retail brands worldwide operate their own payment card scheme; while these often take the form of private-label programs, co-branding is steadily gaining ground


Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers in France, Germany, Italy and the UK

Acquisitions made by Arthur J. Gallagher are causing the UK commercial lines broking market to consolidate rapidly even if it still remains less concentrated than the French and Italian markets


Trade Credit Insurance - Worldwide Series

The global market for short-term trade credit insurance is worth more than USD 10 billion, and its growth is being driven by non-European markets, most notably by China


Payment Protection (Creditor) Insurance in Europe

In contrast to the UK, payment protection insurance continues to expand in much of Europe but possible regulatory intervention is now casting clouds there too 


Consumer Automotive Financial Services in the USA

A large used car market and high customer attachment rates driven by first-class training and point-of-sale technology make the US the largest market for automotive F&I products in the world 


Travel Insurance and Assistance - Worldwide Series

The global market is worth nearly USD 14 billion, and it continues to grow well, although much of its expansion is now being driven by new and emerging markets 


Channel Metrics: Consumer Distribution Trends in UK Insurance

Disloyal customers reduce the value of aggregators and cashback websites for insurers 


Global Expatriates: Size, Segmentation and Forecast for the Worldwide Market (UK data)

UK expatriates resident overseas numbered around 1.16 million in 2013 while there were around 1.19 million foreign expatriates in the UK – a net difference of just 30,000 


Global Expatriates: Size, Segmentation and Forecast for the Worldwide Market

The total number of expatriates worldwide amounted to around 50.5 million in 2013 with Saudi Arabia hosting the highest number and India 'exporting' the most 


Consumer Automotive Finance Services in Europe

Insurance, warranty and assistance services sold by the automotive trade in Europe are worth more than EUR 900 in revenue for every new car sold to consumers 

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