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Automotive Finance and Leasing for Consumers in Europe

Russia's market for new car point-of-sale finance is now the largest by value in Europe 


Professional Indemnity Insurance in Europe

New perspectives on a market forecast to be worth EUR 7.5 billion by 2017 


Small Business Segments: Marketing Business Insurance to Major Professions and Trades in the UK

Independent teachers, trainers and tutors to benefit as British parents seek help for their children outside the classroom


Small Business Segments: Marketing Business Insurance to Major Professions and Trades in the UK

Total insurance expenditure by small businesses in the UK expected to rise to £5.66 billion by 2017 


Global Bancassurance: Strategies of the World's Top 125 Retail Banking Groups

Close to two thirds of the world's top 125 retail banking groups maintain captive or joint venture insurers among which Crédit Agricole is the largest by value of business underwritten 


Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Legal Services

Opportunities in affinity and partnership marketing constitute an important consideration for providers of both commercial and consumer legal services 


Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers - Worldwide Series

Commercial non-life insurance broking markets outside of Europe and North America are growing rapidly and will account for 23.6% of the global market by 2016 


Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Commercial Non-Life Insurance

Over 40% of potential distributors of commercial non-life insurance have established an affinity scheme 


Extended Warranties and Insurance for Mobile and Non-Mobile Consumer Products - Worldwide Series

Mobile products and emerging markets lead the way in the global market for extended warranties and insurance related to consumer electronics 


Bancassurance: Life, Non-Life and Creditor Insurance - Worldwide Series

Emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America offer the most growth potential for bancassurers but the magnitude and nature of opportunities vary greatly from country to country 


Aggregation Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Insurance Comparison Sites in Europe

Use of aggregators to buy motor and household insurance is most advanced in the UK but is clearly now growing in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain 


Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Personal Non-Life Insurance

Most schemes for household, motor, pet, private medical and travel insurance are set up via brokers 


Aggregation Metrics in Europe / Life Protection Metrics in Europe

Spain leads the way in the use of mobile channels to buy insurance 


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