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Since 2007, Finaccord has been retained by a global payment card organisation to perform independent evaluations of the 'real' value to cardholders of loyalty programs run by card companies, including issuers running co-branded card programs in association with retailers. Cards linked to loyalty programs that are judged to deliver value over and above a minimum threshold are then eligible to be branded in a particular way. Among other metrics, these evaluations cover the following points:

- the average, annual expenditure of cardholders with the card product in question;

- the value that these cardholders can realistically be expected to earn (e.g. in 'miles' or 'points') as a result of using these card products;

- the 'real' value of these 'miles' or 'points' given the products or services upon which they can be redeemed.

If your organisation is interested in finding out more about Finaccord's ability to leverage its knowledge of retailer payments, banking and insurance to help with a related consultancy project, please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an e-mail to .


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