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Mobile Gadget and Phone Insurance and Extended Warranties

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Having been commissioned by an international group specialising in niche insurance and assistance products, Finaccord delivered rapid insights into schemes for mobile phone insurance and extended warranties (plus card and identity protection insurance) in six diverse countries, namely Belgium, Colombia, Indonesia, Netherlands, Poland and Taiwan. In each case, this involved coverage of the ten leading banks and retailers (including network operators) to verify whether they offered these types of insurance and to offer commentary in the following areas:

- the degree to which the existence or otherwise of schemes indicated whether markets for these products had yet developed,

- the identity of the insurance providers used by these banks and retailers;

- the nature of the insurance providers used by these banks and retailers, differentiating between specialist and multi-line companies.

If your organisation is interested in finding out more about Finaccord's ability to leverage its knowledge of mobile gadget and phone insurance and extended warranties to help with a related consultancy project, please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an e-mail to .


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