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Bancassurance: Life, Non-Life and Creditor Insurance

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Welcome to the home page for Finaccord's Bancassurance practice. Finaccord currently publishes two types of study in this field, namely market research reports (and their associated databases) and consumer research. In addition, packaged insurance and assistance policies are also covered by a separate practice: Insurance and Assistance linked to Payment Cards and Bank Accounts.

Finaccord's market research reports and associated databases about bancassurance comprise a broad range of multi-country and country-specific studies about bancassurance markets and partnerships. Types of insurance considered across this range of reports are: investment-related life insurance and retirement savings; risk life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection insurance; accident insurance, medical expenses insurance and health / hospital cash plans; personal motor insurance and household insurance; and creditor insurance for mortgages, consumer finance and credit cards. Based on surveys of all major banks and other lending institutions in each country or region, the reports identify bancassurance distribution initiatives across these types of insurance, and highlight the operating models and product providers used in the vast majority of cases. Moreover, they analyse these bancassurance agreements in terms of ‘weighted partnerships’ which take into account the size of the retail customer base of the banking institutions distributing these policies, thereby differentiating between the most important relationships and those that are comparatively minor. To see a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.

Three series of consumer research reports are available that are closely linked to the subject of bancassurance, namely Card Protection Metrics (dealing with card protection insurance), Creditor Metrics (focused on payment protection insurance related to mortgages, consumer finance and credit cards) and Life Protection Metrics (examining consumer trends in risk life, critical illness, long-term income protection, short-term income protection and funeral expenses insurance). Each series covers six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. Among the metrics covered in these studies are the percentage of respondents who hold each product, their segmentation by age, annual household income and other relevant variables, and the distribution channels and interfaces used to acquire the products. Additionally, the research also provides data for claims and policy utilisation patterns in the cases of card protection insurance, the three types of payment protection cover, and short-term income protection insurance. For a full list of products currently available in this field, please click here.


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