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2nd Annual Bancassurance Conference for Middle East & Africa

Dubai, 19-20 May

15th Asia Conference on Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution Channels

Kuala Lumpur, 6-7 May

2nd Annual Life Insurance Forum

Amsterdam, 9-10 April 2014

Presentation: Distribution Channels for Life Insurance: A Global Perspective, by Tobias Schneider

1st Romanian Bancassurance Forum

Bucharest, 5-6 March

4th Annual Bancassurance Conference for Russia & CIS

Moscow, March 2014

7th Annual Bancassurance Forum

Vienna, 11-12 February 2014

4th Annual Middle East and Africa Insurance Summit

Dubai, 20-21 January 2014

8th Annual Bancassurance Conference

Vienna, 3-4 October 2013

Global Bancassurance Strategies, by Tobias Schneider

Bancassurance in Middle East & Africa

Dubai, May 2013

Bancassurance Models Around the World, by Tobias Schneider

14th Asia Conference on Bancassurance and Alternative Distribution Channels

Jakarta, May 2013

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Bancassurance Models Around the World, by Tobias Schneider


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