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On behalf of a major personal lines insurance broker in the UK, Finaccord carried out a strategic review of affinity competitors, sectors and prospects in UK motor and household insurance. This investigated the affinity and commercial partner portfolios of over 20 leading providers in these sectors plus the current arrangements for selling motor and household insurance of over 40 key partners including automotive manufacturer brands, banks, building societies, supermarkets and telecoms companies, as well as other insurance underwriters and brokers. The report produced by Finaccord included the following information:

- an executive summary, describing the apparent opportunities for the client broker in affinity and partnership marketing of motor and household insurance;

- a comprehensive listing of the current affinity and commercial partner relationships held by the leading providers of the same two forms of insurance;

- a five-year review of their financial performance including loss, expense and combined ratios in the case of underwriters;

- a description of their current proposition, product focus, distribution capability, key personnel and reputation;

- for the key partner organisations, insights concerning their business context, financial product range, distribution channels, business requirements, key personnel and reputation.

If your organisation is interested in finding out more about Finaccord's ability to leverage its knowledge of affinity and partnership marketing in the UK to help with a related consultancy project, please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an e-mail to .


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