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In addition to its published and bespoke market research products, Finaccord is also able to offer research-based, tactical consulting services on a worldwide basis. Drawing on the experience of its international team of consultants and working in close partnership with the client, Finaccord can deliver accurate, insightful results across a range of topics. Typical areas of consulting work include:

  • competitor benchmarking - measuring a client's ability to establish competitive advantage in organizational structure, marketing capability or distribution strategy;
  • distribution channel analysis - with multi-channel distribution strategies now the norm in retail financial services, Finaccord is able to leverage its knowledge of trends in the distribution of banking and insurance products worldwide in order to help clients gain access to their target market;
  • due diligence - Finaccord can provide accurate and timely assessments of particular competitors and / or markets as a component of the due diligence required as a precursor to acquisitions, divestments, mergers and other corporate restructuring;
  • international comparisons - with rapid access to the relevant data sources and a network of contacts within financial services institutions worldwide, Finaccord is ideally positioned to help clients see the 'big picture' as regards business development opportunities in banking and insurance markets at an international level;
  • independent viewpoints - our clients often organise meetings or seminars with their actual or intended clients with a view to winning or reinforcing distribution relationships, and Finaccord has helped to enrich the learning at such events through presentations outlining its own independent analyses of particular markets;
  • market sizing and forecasting - because banking and insurance markets are themselves composed of multiple individual product markets, many of which lack transparency, understanding the likely size and future direction of those markets is a frequent focus for our consulting work;
  • product benchmarking - while the advent of online aggregators means that it is now easy to compare some banking and insurance products, understanding other propositions, such as automotive finance contracts and payment card loyalty programs, may still necessitate more painstaking and time-consuming evaluation;
  • strategy evaluation - while Finaccord firmly believes that its clients should ultimately set and implement their own corporate strategies, it is pleased to provide them with a neutral and external yet expert viewpoint as an aid to their long-term planning.

For more detailed idea of the type of consulting project that Finaccord may be able to undertake on your behalf, please feel free to click through to the recent assignments page for a summary of engagements completed recently.

If you have a consultancy need that you believe that Finaccord may be able to help with then please submit your enquiry to or telephone: +44 20 3178 2556.


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