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Welcome to the Global Affinity Finance Club. Having had a European focus up to Summer 2010, Finaccord has continued since then to research and publish top line information about key strategic developments in affinity and partnership marketing of financial services around the world as a whole, segmented between affinity insurance news, bancassurance news and affinity banking news.

This service differs from that provided by other research companies because its focus is genuinely global, often translating news that only appears in languages other than English. In addition, it concentrates exclusively on affinity and partnership marketing strategy, with no need for users to filter out irrelevant or unrelated information, and is free of charge to use.

Affinity and partnership marketing strategy is an important component of general distribution strategy for a majority of large banks and insurance companies serving consumers and small businesses as successful partnerships potentially allow them to access groups of customers that they cannot always reach by themselves.

Moreover, it can also be a highly relevant topic for the partner entities themselves whether they are other financial institutions or organisations as diverse as automotive brands, charities, energy companies, internet or media firms, loyalty management entities, mobile network operators, online aggregators and brokers, professional associations, retailers, sports clubs, trade unions and travel companies.

Above you will find links to news from this and previous years about affinity and partnership marketing of financial services including a complete archive of news dating back to September 2003, presented on quarterly basis from Autumn 2005 onwards but on a monthly basis prior to August 2005. Also, please note that global news from Autumn 2010 onwards can be downloaded in the form of a PDF newsletter. We hope that you find the Global Affinity Finance Club to be useful.


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